New Look Same Loves

Hello Friends,

I have updated the blog aesthetic as you can see, hope you love the new look as much as I do!

Lots of stuff has been going on since my last post, not all good but trying to stay positive  with all life has been throwing at me.

In my last post I was waiting for all my SimpleRetro goodies to arrive and it was definitely a mixed bag. I received and adored the black dress, it was a truly great find! It has a nice mermaid-type swing to it and it will be a very sexy summer dress! I styled it with a printed black top underneath and wore it to work; stunning! This piece will be able to beautifully transition from season to season depending on how it is layered. Unfortunately, the wine colored pleated skirt was kind of a bust. I ordered a small but a medium arrived instead, so I could not truly review the skirt. Ultimately  I decide to send it back. Once I got it on I realized that for one, I am too short for it to have been a midi skirt however it was a perfect maxi for me. That being said the main reason I did not keep it was because I realized as much as I loved it on others I did not love it on me. It made me feel a little too stuffy and unlike myself but you live and learn, eh?

My husband’s and I two year wedding anniversary is fast approaching so that will definitely be a great pick me up. For me, when it comes to gift giving I usually ask for practical things I want/need or things I wouldn’t normally buy myself. (I am a very thrifty person. i.e.: I don’t buy myself nice things, so I ask for them for special occasions.) But in my heart, I am not an expensive girl. As you all know fall if my FAVORITE season! Scarves, boots, cozy sweaters, I love them all. So I am trying to up my fall wardrobe, as I do. I want to be a heel girl, but it is just not me #balletflatsforlyfe! But with all the delicious fall booties I thought our anniversary would be the perfect time to ask for some. I opted to try out a stacked heel because they look like they will be my most comfortable option. I don’t want to say I am picky but I do not follow trends, sometimes what is on trend it a little much for me. I like simplicity and classic styling than jazz myself up with accessories. I asked my sweet hubby for the Dr. Scholls Codi Boot and the Dr. Scholls Charlie Chelsea Boot both from DSW at a steal of course. I am so excited for these boots! They really are more of a shootie but since I was blessed with tree trunk legs made for plowing potato fields in Ireland, ankle boots do not much for me aesthetically. I have high hopes that these will not cut into my ankle, cut me off at the ankle and be comfortable! Dr. Scholls is not yo mama’s old lady shoes, he’s got it goin’ on! First off, how cute right?! Second, aside from being reasonably priced I am expecting major comfort and walkability. Cannot wait to report back on these!

Aside from the perfect boots, I am hunting for the perfect fall lipsticks. You guys Milani Cosmetics impressed the hell out of me! I am not the biggest lipstick gal, in actuality I usually forget my lips all together and throw on chapstick and call it a day. But I was browsing my local Harmons Face Value and in need of a pick me up, on the cheap of course. It all started with the Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Lipstick in No. 43 Pretty Natural. This is the perfect natural pink I was looking for and I fell instantly in love! Not matte and not creme it was an amazing hybrid that seriously lasted all day! The lasting power is so good that when using my reusable coffee mug I’ve had to wash the lid in my dishwasher 3 times and it was still there! They smell like heaven and glide on perfectly. I next purchased No. 26 Nude Creme which is the quintessential nude lipstick that I THREW OUT my MAC for it was THAS GOOD. I plan on picking up No. 55 Bahama Beige next, I am hoping it will be that perfect fall brown I’ve been searching for.

I would love to hear all of your essential fall beauty and fashion faves. Comment below! If there is anything you would like to see more of on the blog (besides more posts HAHA) I would love to hear from you! I will review my new shooties in the next post. Thanks for stoping by!




News & Reviews

Hello Friends,

The last dog days of summer are in full force, so I got a dog! I am in absolute love with the newest addition to our little family. We got incredibly lucky with the sweetest little chi mix from a wonderful rescue shelter. She is an adorable little fox who loves peanut butter and is a spoiled princess.

So all my highly anticipated goodies finally arrived! I was most excited about all my purchases from SimpleRetro however I was super bummed when they sent me the wrong size in the pleated red wine skirt. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as once I finally tried it on it seemed a little too stuffy for me; I do tend to dress on the conservative side anyway. I was also not a fan of the way it highlighted my saddlebags, and while on a normal person it may have indeed been a midi skirt on me it was a perfect maxi.

The black dress however was a total knockout! Again, it fit as the perfect maxi on me, but I was not mad at it. The body hugging design was fun and flirty while still having a comfortable roominess. I loved the mermaid style of the skirt and it’s flow, it was truly what 90’s dreams are made of. The material was gauzy and soft, it wrinkled a little at the middle and you must wear something underneath or show the world your goods. The criss cross in the back is sexy yet still not too revealing. I could easily wear spanks beneath it without them showing in the back; a regular bra will not work with this dress.

Big shoutout to OldNavy for being so fast I got my items before I even got the customary Your-order-has-shipped jazz! These skirts were total wins! they are the perfect just above the knee length for work or play and they have a wonderful swing when you walk. I ordered them both in XS because I believe it is a well known fact OldNavy and Gap are cut on the generous side.

Directions advise not to dry as the fabric can shrink but I nervously threw all caution to the wind and dried them; medium heat as I normally wold with all my cold water / delicate / everyday clothes. Worked like a charm! I will probably not do this all the time, but once every 3 or so washes.

I also recently celebrated my 5 year dating anniversary with my husband and bless his heart is he bad at gifting. I love him more than life, but you can drop every hint and he’s still lost. Well, he did good when I was surprised me with CH perfume! I had fallen in love with this while on vacation and did not feel like spending $70 on perfume. it was a great surprise! I became obsessed with the HenriBendel Cashmere candle and needed to find this in a scent to cover my body with. CH perfume is the closest thing to it, and a great fragrance for fall and winter. My new go to!

What are your signature scents?


Awaiting New Stuff & A New Season

Hello Friends,

It has been a good summer! I got to get away for a while in one of my favorite spots; South Carolina with my wonderful husband and family.

However, I am an autumnal gal. I love FALL! I love the flavors, the colors, and the cozy styling. I wait anxiously for the crisps days I can wear my scarves and boots, apple picking, and sweater weather!

It can be difficult for the in-between times thought. Right now we are in the midsts of another heat wave here in New Jersey so my summer styles are still in full swing. But when I see all the back-to-school commercials on TV and flyers strewn around my buildings mailroom, I know fall is almost here!

Me being oh so savvy and all, I usually only buy something if I love it, it’s on sale, or I can wear it to work, play, and everything in between. With that being said, I am now  excitedly waiting for my most recent purchases; 3 skirts and a dress.  I follow @luanna90 in instagram, who also has a blog le-happy. I came across a post featuring this amazing accordion, bordeaux colored midi skirt, and I fell in love! Turns out it was from a very affordable site Simple Retro. I ordered the  bordeaux skirt  that stole my heart in a small and a fabulous  black cross back midi dress in an X-small for comparison. I am imagining styling these pieces in some many ways you guys, and the best part was my whole entire order was only $60 and free shipping! I cannot wait to report back!

I also purchased some fabulous basic Old Navy Skirts in red and berry. They were on sale plus I mean hello, Old Navy is Gap’s more affordable sister. These babies will be amazing in fall but something I can also wear right away! They had informative reviews on the site which helped me choose the best fit (I cannot buy anything without reading the reviews). I am so looking forward to receiving all my goodies!

Enjoy those last few dog days of summer lovelies! Hit the beach, load up on sunblock and roast marshmallows during all those backyard nights.

I will just be over here, patiently dreaming of pumpkin everything and sweater weather.



I’m Lovin’ It

Hello Friends,

This post is going to be all about the new (and new to me) products I have been loving lately.

To suite my Type A personality, I do not like change. I am a creature of habit, a believer in tried and true! So when a staple product gets discontinued I kind of loose it.

I was IN LOVE with the Ponds Luminous BB cream. I did not know how I was going to live once it was discontinued. I searched high and low; I am currently hoarding two tubes because I refuse to buy it on Amazon for more then I was already paying (this IS budget beauty after all). But the one good thing I can take away from it is that for one, I survived (raise up hands emoji) and I got to know and love NYX’s BB Cream.

BUT I digress.

Firstly I am LOVING the new Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream. I could not have asked for anything more; it has stolen my beloved Pond’s place in my heart. I have very oily skin and I only need to blot once  day with this. It blends like a dream and has a nice medium coverage that is buildable. What really gives this HG status for me is how it feels. Cakey? NOPE. Settles into lines? Not this one! Covergirl is upping their game.
covergirl 1
Another winner, winner from CG is their new Plumpify Lashpro Mascara. I usually wear Lashblast Volume (orange tube) and felt no need to change mascaras at all, but a $3.00 coupon will make ya splurge. At first I was not a fan, the ball at the end of the wand felt bulky and awkward but after a few uses, wowza! I have pretty nice lashes and often get asked if they are my own, but this really gave the falsies effect. I think that bulky wand is the secret because they come out sooooooo smooth and clump free. My only complaint is that I do feel I need to use more layers than usual because the brush is designed to pick up less product. Glad I tried it, would definitely repurchase.
You guys, after almost 6 years of not dying my hair I DIY’d a dye job then promptly cried and went to the salon in the morning. Buuuut because I am trying to keep my roots at bay and baby my hair I don’t want to crazy on the Biotin like I did before my wedding. (FYI You’re hair will grow all over). As previously posted I am a fan of the L’Oreal Advanced collection of shampoos and conditioners. The total Repair 5 was my go to in that line, but I also felt I wanted to protect my hair in other ways. The Triple Resist S&C are ahhhmazing. There were times when there wasn’t any hair in the drain after a shower – THAT GOOD! I felt a noticeable difference in my hair and the amount of natural shedding. I like the combo strength and repair.
Lastly; maybe the simplest on the list but makes a world of different is the E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator. I picked this up and put this down so many times at the store. I exfoliate my lips every morning with an electric toothbrush, why would this be better?  I finally caved, bought it and am honestly surprised at how nice my lips feel after. It’s simple but it does exactly what it says it is going to. My lips feel and look noticeably smoother and even a little more plump.

Enjoy, friends!


This feels so good

Hello Friends,

I had it all planned out in my head.

I did not antisipate forgetting my log in information to the point of frustration, changing the password TWICE and to top it off feeling like I was loosing my momentum! I do not think I can afford that, I mean my last post was in 2013! A lot has happened…

But now as I write; this feels so good. The way I was hoping it would.

I has been a long time.

Far longer than I intended, but after a while the problem became me. I felt I did not deserve to write, I did not deserve to enjoy my greatest passion.

I have done a lot of soul searching & hard work to not only bring myself back, but heal myself in the process.

I’m excited for my turn.


A Moment of Honesty

Hello my beautiful readers,

I’m going to make this short and sweet and be really honest with you all for a moment.
It pains me so much that I have not posted in so long. These past few month have been so emotionally, physically and mentally utterly exhausting; every part of me has been tested. After my amazing mother had surgery, I had surgery for pre cancerous cells.
We are both fine and some exciting news is I got engaged to the most wonderful man I’ve ever known.
I really love you all for following, reading and commenting. I am working on a lot of new entries I hope to begin posting soon. Thank you all for giving me another reason to keep writing.

Stay beautiful.

FALLing Fashion

Hello Friends,

Fall finally seems to be in the air and that makes me happy! All the retail therapy I’ve been indulging in isn’t hurting either 😉

I have to be honest and say that I was not the biggest of all the spring/summer trends. I could have done without all the hi-lo jazz that does not seem to be going away anytime soon. I do like how blouses are coming back in a big way though. I am really liking and excited for all the fall trends I am seeing! The thing about fall / winter clothing is that they stay towards a more traditional style, which I prefer. This is the season of basics and with some statement pieces and tailoring accessories all you really need are scarves, sweaters and boots!

I’m glad that I’ve gotten so many pieces from some inexpensive retailers like Target that are still on trend and are really keeping up in their quality department. I love the riding boots I got last season for $44 that are still in perfect condition after daily wear. I also found my perfect winter sweater for $19! I prefer cardigans and open sweaters because I love to layer and there is nothing I love more than playing with my pieces with belts and accessories so that the same basics always look like a new or different item. Forever 21 is great for accessories like scarves and belts to keep your cozy sweaters looking a little more tailored and a scarf will not only keep you warm in a chilly office or on your way to class but will add something to your outfit so you’ll want to keep it on all day. I wear A LOT of black so most of my scarves are printed or patterned to add a little extra oomph.

I recently had to buy a dress for a 1920s theme party I’ll be attending on Saturday and I was really surprised to find a super cute and affordable dress online from Forever21. I even saw it on a few fashion blogs on and it was only $27.80, plus that day they were offering a coupon code so it was actually like I got free shipping! They had great email communication for confirmation of my order and supplied tracking really quickly. It was a great online shopping experience. I wanted to buy a dress vs. a costume so it could be worn more than once and would have a nicer look and feel.

I am still on the hunt for a sleek, flat, high boot as I have a pair of riding and slouchy boots already, but I am finding very difficult thus far, especially on my budget. I do love a good hunt though and this is boot hunting season after all! Hopefully I can get some more great finds to share with you all!

Stay warm and fashionable beauties! Comment if you have some great tips or finds to share 🙂


Eye-opening Rimmel Review

Hello Friends,

I hope you are all enjoying the last dog-days of summer. Personally, my hair is not enjoying the frizz from the humidity and I am dreaming of crisp air and coffee all day in boots and a sweater.  So I’m pretty ready for a change. Actually that can mean literally as I am seriously considering dying my hair red. I haven’t dyed my hair in almost 4 years after a traumatizing accident in too-dark color and turned my hair black, so I may head to a beauty school near me soon-ish. Look out for that post, could come mid-September 😉 I am currently a natural ombre brown thanks to summer.

We all have a great feature that people always comment on and one of mine happens to be my lashes. I get asked all the time about what mascara I use and if they are real, which they are. I’ve always had long lashes and I wanted to keep them healthy and strong so I on and off used L’Oreal Lash Serum when it first came on the market. It was always my go-to and quite frankly I had no real idea other brands offered similar products until the Harmon’s I frequent stopped selling it. Lucky for me I soon discovered that Rimmel offered a similar product, Rimmel Lash Accelerator for about 4 dollars less too. This stuff is amazing! Honestly I like the wand it offers more than the odd, foam hatchet-shaped handle L’Oreal uses. I definitely notice less lash loss, my lashes are crazy long and strong. I use this stuff on my brows as I am coaxing them to grow and I have noticed a huge difference! I believe I bought this for US $6.99 at Harmon’s and it was a great swap from the more expensive product.


I have a bad habit of taking all my makeup off at night except for my mascara, it’s my laziness at 10:45 PM where all I can do is pat myself on the back for even taking any of it off and fall into bed. But on the off chance I do take it off, I always give my lashes a couple of coats before bed or on the weekends when I am going makeup free during the day for errands etc. I’ll put at least two on. If you are going to wear it during the day go easy on product as it will clump your lashes up and ruin your look at bed I put on as many as I want.

I may not use this every day but this stuff has staying power. It does take a while to see results and if you are dedicated they will be that much faster. This is a really amazing product with real results and a real great price. I’, converted so if you’re feeling a little thin or tired of putting on coat after coat of mascara I would definitely recommend this product.

Hope you all enjoyed the read! Stay happy and beautiful and don’t be afraid of a little swapertunity 😉

Maybelline POWda Review

Hello Friends,

So I don’t know how much I actually invest in astrology but I think it’s fun and sometimes it can be spot on. I am a Taurus and as most people know a common trait is stubbornness. I for one am definitely stubborn as it took me forever to finally try Maybelline’s Dream Matte pressed powder and I am totally in love!


I had a lot of reason’s to hesitate before I found this dream 😉 First off, I love my L’Oreal True Match pressed powder. It has such a silky consistency and covers fantastically as it is a full coverage or buildable powder. It did not keep me very shine free which was annoying and I found it caked after a retouch or two, but with all those shades for summer and winter it was hard to give up. I bought the Maybelline on a whim when I was out of powder and promptly returned it for a darker shade before I even left the parking lot. This is the first thing I noticed about this special powder; it is more of a translucent powder. It is buildable to a point but I would not consider it full coverage. It is meant to set your makeup or dust on to keep you shine free which is why there are such limited shades. As you know I am quite the porcelain gal so I am shocked to be wearing the medium shade 0-1 “Sand”.

I am in love with this powder! It does not cake; I’m able to freshen up about twice a day (if I am lucky) in my 8 hours at the office and look I fresh every time, not caked. It also will melt into your skin color after a while and I love that, which is why why there are only a few shades as it will meet your tone.  It feels so weightless and I can’t help but say it, dreamy when I wear it. I feel so natural and comfortable and it doesn’t settle into fine lines.

I think the true test is when I don’t get to look at myself from 1 PM until I get in my car at 5 PM and i still look pretty damn good. It does a fine job of  keeping you matte much longer than regular powders. The added bonus is that it it’s one of the less expensive of the pressed powders beating out Revlon and L’Oreal.

I think I have found a new powder that makes me look and feel much more natural. I may have to try the Maybelline Fit Me line next, so keep your eyes peeled for another review 😉 I’ve got my eye on the new foundation stick they just launched!



Take To Your Streets

Hello Friends,

I’m disappointed I haven’t gotten a chance to post a new entry, but I’ve got a lot of personal stuff going on unfortunately, that is not well.

I’ve taken to retail therapy a bit lately and I must say it can be a help, but a dangerous habit to get into. I for one have to be in the mood to navigate a mall and I have to pep talk myself into being able to cope with rack sale shopping, sometimes you can’t be bothered with all the bustle of everyone else and you just want to walk around with your head phones plugged in and buy yourself something pretty. Sigh.

Well I often don’t give myself the time to enjoy the little shops down the street from me in Teaneck, NJ. Cedar Lane is full of delicious eateries (Veggie Heaven and Bischoff’s Ice Cream Parlor), specialty stores and adorable little shops. It is a cute center of town with some very interesting stuff. I walked the avenue and went into every store, Chic Unique was small with wall to wall jewelry and accessories on display. My Fair Lady was cute; it was most hats but fun, old fashioned in style! Of course I cannot remember the name of the store but I wandered into one that had some fantastic bags and purses and they were all half off! Of course I picked myself up a little pick me up and ended up getting a great cross body in black pebble leather with great gold chain detail for $35 originally $65, score!

I think the convenience pf malls and stores we all kn ow kind of takes the magic out of a great find or an amazing bargain. Shopping your local boutiques give you the chance to find something unique and you’ll probably be able to talk them down a little. 😉

Stay positive and don’t forget the magic of a great find; you always deserve a treat! A bargain is even better.